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Phyllis Gordon’s practice in drawing and printmaking is primarily an engagement with the environment, as an observer of its beauty and mystery, and, as an artist concerned about the climate catastrophe.  This has included drawing trees of Haliburton forests which led to printmaking and collage; distant travelling to forests burnt by fire documented in prints and portraits of still-standing burnt trees drawn into wood; watching and drawing water of large and small lakes, and the movement of water, which led to traditional printmaking and her initial innovative exploration of collage; recording what was available during the pandemic lockdown—house plants, bouquets of tulips and wind from her balcony; and, her current exploration of lichens.


After completing her B.A. at McGill University, Gordon studied art at the University of British Columbia, l’université de Québec à Montréal and Sir John Cass College, London, England. She then spent several years studying and practising law in Ontario, gradually returning to making art, taking courses at Toronto School of Art, OCAD, Fleming College (Haliburton), Highpoint Printmaking Center, Minneapolis, and Open Studio Contemporary Printmaking Centre.


Gordon has exhibited in numerous solo, two-person and group exhibitions including Propeller Gallery, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Open Studio Printmaking Centre, Womens’ Art Association of Canada and what is now the Metropolitan University of Architectural Sciences, all in Toronto, and, at various locations in Ontario including Satellite Project Space, London, Art Gallery of Mississauga Art Gallery, and Artworks Oakville as well as Brighton Storeroom, St.George, Barbados.

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