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In the summers I visit Johnson Lake and spend time watching the subtle movement of the water in the resting or bouncing light. I draw to record the short-lived lines of wave, light, ripple. Very intentionally, I don’t render the landscape or draw the view. When I make art based on photographs of burnt trees, I spend much time drawing/carving each image. With the water sketches, one nod of my head or shift of my eyes or cloud in the sky results in a different mark, the marks corresponding to a brief moment only as their source has gone and the next ripple or shadow is appearing. The water drawings are a composite of the movement I record over the time it takes. I continue to draw moving water near where I live––at Taylor Creek Ravine and at Lake Ontario. There are also the drawings about the shifting and disappearing wave lines on the Florida coast. I can spend hours watching the traces of the foam and the remnants of its scalloped lines.